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KileyLou - August 6th!

At Sparket, we LOVE discovering new artists. Well, new to us anyway. Crystal City, we'd like to to meet KileyLou.

KileyLou creates one-of-a-kind bangles, necklaces and rings by hand-painting wooden beads using watercolor and ink. And her rings bases are sterling silver so you know you are getting quality jewelry.

Check out all of the vibrant color combinations Wednesday, August 6 at the next Sparket!

Sneak Peek for TOMORROW'S MARKET - July 30!

Sparket is TOMORROW! We're back Crystal City. And we are bringing some awesome artisans with us! Take a sneak peek at some of the goodies we have lined up tomorrow for your shopping experience.

Tunisian Touch

Brighter Day Beads
EHL Creations
Stio Design



Dennis Crayon
Awesome, right? And this is just a handful of the talented artists who will be exhibiting TOMORROW, JULY 30th!

Erica's Art - July 30th!

Another week, another Sparket - Woo hoo! This week we have so much to share with you, like Erica's Art!

Erica's hand-painted wine glasses look so beautiful, especially when filled with your favorite white or red.

Buy a DC-themed set for a visiting friend, or simply pick up a duo for yourself at THIS WEEK'S Sparket on July 30th!

Northern Virginia Magazine Featured Hilary Rednor Jewelry!

Hey, check this out - Northern Virginia Magazine did a write-up on one of our favorite artists, Hilary Rednor Jewelry

Way to make gift cards way cooler, Hilary! Hilary will be at the August 6th Sparket. Sweet!

JerseyGirlDesign - July 30!

Ready for some fun, summery jewelry? Then let's give a warm welcome to JerseyGirlDesign and her bright, colorful sparklies!

Made from resin, glitter, polymer clay, gemstones and crystals, Lauren Brownlie's creations are not only unique, but extremely eye-catching. Plus, they are easy to wear with your everyday outfits, as well as your going-out duds.

Check out JerseyGirlDesigns WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th!

Visual-Ki - TOMORROW!

Photographer Genell Parker, of Visual-Ki, captures moments as they unfold, never staged, always looking for the decisive moment while trying to tell a story. A true documentary - reportage style approach.

It is with this style or mind set Parker uses to approach many photographic projects, keeping things as natural as possible as it does produce the most memorable mindful images.

Experience Visual-Ki for yourself, TOMORROW from 11AM-2PM.

Hilary Rednor Jewelry - THIS WEDNESDAY!

Hilary Rednor Jewelry creates funky, one-of-a-kind earrings completely by hand, using empty, up-cycled plastic gift cards. The use of gift cards, which Hilary receives as donations from stores and people, is two-fold

1). as material and as inspiration for her unique, eye-catching designs.
2). As it turns out, these colorful, plastic cards are the perfect material: durable, easy to work with, and available in a near-endless array of colors and patterns!

But what is so cool is how amazingly lightweight they are!

Check out these beauties yourself at the next Sparket THIS WEDNESDAY from 11AM -2PM.

Tunisian Touch - This Wednesday!

Hey Crystal City! Give a warm welcome to Tunisian Touch. They are bringing their gorgeous wooden items, made from Tunisian olive trees, to Sparket THIS WEDNESDAY!

Each piece is unique in design due to the internal pattern of each tree, which results in a beautiful piece that will add beauty to your home.

Visit the market on your lunch break. 11-2. Every Wednesday. 

Manny Zeevi's Hand-Painted Coins - July 23rd!

Have you seen Manny Zeevi's Hand-Painted Coins? They. Are. Beautiful.  I mean really, really beautiful.

Hand-painting coins is a very old art form. In painstaking fashion, the artist, Manny, applies color initially to outline the design, followed by high tempered firing process. The firing process is repeated after each color is applied. The hand-painting process for each piece varies, some taking as long as two days to complete! No wonder these coins are stunning.

Manny hand-paints coins from around the world and crafts them into cufflinks, golf markets, earrings, belt buckles and more.

Check out all his many designs Wednesday, July 23 from 11-2.

Opening Day Success!

Opening Day was so much fun thanks to YOU - the exhibitors, the musicians and the shoppers! Thanks for making Sparket - A Creative Market's kick off a successful venture. On to the next show on Wednesday July 23!

Now, enjoy some shots from Opening Day!


Silk Road Traders

Little Tibet Boutique

Christina Boy Designs

Yinibini Baby

See you next Market! Same Sparket time (11-2). Same Sparket channel (Crystal City).

Yinibini Baby - Opening Day!

Artist/designer, Soyini George of Yinibini Baby is bringing a bunch of her adorable baby items to Crystal City for Sparket's Opening Day fiesta, TOMORROW!

All of Yinibini Baby's pieces are made with the comfort of baby and the ease for parents in mind. Many of the bibs, like the ones featured here, are made out of organic cotton fabric and organic cotton sherpa. Cute and functional!

Sparket is almost ready to IGNITE  ... Tomorrow from 11-2.

Christina Boy Design -Opening Day!

Christina Boy, of Christina Boy Design, creates anything from small items, like cutting boards, boxes, kitchen utensils to larger pieces of furniture, such as dining room tables, benches and armoires.

A professional woodworker, Christina Boy joins us for our first Sparket ever, TOMORROW! We hope you can join us, too!

Listen to some music, grab a fresh smoothie and buy cool artwork right outside your office. TOMORROW. Crystal Drive 11AM-2PM.

Nancy & Arthur Lisi Play Opening Day!

Get ready to jam at our Opening Day celebration TOMORROW, July 16th! Nancy Lisi (of King Street Bluegrass) and Arthur Lisi on keyboard (Musical Director of TheCosby,Little Bill and other TV shows) will be playing an eclectic mix of folk, jazz and blues. Don't miss it!

Shop, eat and listen to awesome music all on your lunch break - TOMORROW 11AM 2PM!

MOTHERBORED - Opening Day!

We awe almost ready to IGNITE! Celebrate Opening Day on Wednesday, July 16th with all sorts of amazing artists, like MOTHERBORED - for example. 

MOTHERBORED believes there's beauty in every computer that's easily discarded as trash. Saved from their demise at your local landfill, Michelle recycles every colorful motherboard, video card, and circuit board into beautiful unique jewelry and home accessories. Using as much as possible from the computers, she leaves little to no scrap trail behind. 
Check out some up-cycled genius THIS WEDNESDAY at Sparket.

Booda Soap Box - Opening Day!

Mmmm ... I don't know which I like better - The way Booda Soap Box soaps smell or they way they look? Colorful, beautiful and all natural, these soaps will stay with you - body, mind and soul.

All of Booda Soap Box soaps are handcrafted using the centuries-old cold-process method. Unlike mass-produced soaps, cold-process soap retains its natural, skin-softening qualities. Each batch is hand-cut and cured for four – six weeks to ensure gentleness.

And did we mention how good they smell? They smell so good.

See for yourself THIS WEDNESDAY, July 16th from 11AM-2PM.

Reinvented Elegance - Opening Day!

Joyce Wagner of, Reinvented Elegance, has a goal - to make people smile by creating whimsical pieces that showcase nature's beauty and reinvent as many things as possible along the way.

As a jewelry/mosaic/pressed flower artist, Joyce has participated in many juried art shows in the DC area. Now, she adds Sparket - A Creative Market to her every-growing list of upscale markets. Yep. She's that good.

Check out her beautiful handmade artwork THIS WEDNESDAY, July 16th at our Opening Day celebration!

Photographer Jake McGuire - Opening Day!

Check it out, Crystal City!

Noted Washington photographer Jake McGuire will be one of the inaugural exhibitors at Sparket this Wednesday, July 16th!

Included in McGuire's display, and available to visitors, are prints of his well-known, "Marine One" photo depicting the Presidential Helicopter flying down the National Mall.

Stop by and say hi to Jake and see his array of striking DC images. And, if you mentioned the Crystal City Bid you'll get a discount! Can't beat that!

FireRobin Pottery - Opening Day!

When you stroll down Cyrstal City Drive on Wednesday, July 16th, be sure to say hi to Michael McIntrye of FireRobin Pottery. Then, pick up some of his functional stoneware ceramics,  like pitchers, mugs, platters, bowls and much more.

Treat yourself on Opening Day to one (or two!) of FireRobin's coffee mugs for the office this coming Wednesday!

Opening Day. Wednesday. July 16th.

Was Paper - Opening Day!

We love our artisans and want you too love them, too. Opening Day is only ONE week away and we are stoked!

Meet one of our Opening Day artists: Was Paper, original funk by Lyndi Boden. Was Paper specializes in handmade coasters, magnets, jewelry boxes, picture frames and furniture made from reclaimed lumber.

Check out the original designs, vivid colors and funky finds - all made with paper!

Opening Day. Wednesday. July 16th! 

Opening Day Sneak Peak - July 16th!

Get ready, Crystal City! Sparket - A Creative Market is gearing up to ignite! We have received so many amazing applications so far and have added some really cool exhibitors to the market. Check out a sneak peak of just some of the goodies that will be available on Opening Day -Wednesday,  July 16th at Sparket!

Brighter Day Beads


Red Persimmon

Amy Abrams Designs
… keep an eye on our blog for more awesomeness from this area’s best artisans.

Check Out the Layout!

Hey everyone! We are almost ready to IGNITE on Wednesday, July 16th!

Check out the layout for the market. Pretty sweet, right? And just wait until you see the list of exhibitors we are filling it with! Keep checking back as we add more and more vendors to this expanding artisan market.

Find your creative SPARK!